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Authorities launch ballistics, biometric registry lab

Santo Domingo. – As part of its Safety Plan, the Interior and Police Ministry on Monday started working with a ballistics and biometric lab to register all firearms and their legal owner’s biometric data.

The database aims to better combat illegal guns, with technology to easily and quickly identify perpetrators the weapon’s to owner.

Ballistics and Biometrics Lab directors Samuel de Moya and Antonio Valerio, along with Ministry PR Michelle Selman revealed the details, noting that it forms part of the National Weapons System (SISNA).

Quoted by, the officials said the police have the database which features software that allows very accurate comparisons, with which prosecutors can have incontrovertible evidence to avert failed court proceedings on lack of evidence.

Valerio said the system works with all private and law enforcement guns. “We’ll forge biometrics and fingerprints under one file. The ballistic print is a unique mark which every gun stamps on the cap and the projectile. When a bullet or slug is found we’ll be able to determine which weapon it came from and then link it to someone’s biometrics and to the weapon.”

Source: DT

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  1. Samson

    It’s a start albeit rather late. Of course they will not have data on criminals weapons. .

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