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Announcement of protests against excessive EdeNorte blackouts that affect productivity in the region

Imbert. – Large productive sectors of the municipality, announced that for the next few days they will undertake a series of protests challenging the strong wave of blackouts that affect this region.

Reportedly, this mobilization is supported by small and medium dairy farmers of Imbert, in addition to all merchants, who warned that they have no alternative but protest against blackouts and they are tired of making such allegations and the executives of the Dominican Edenorte ignore them.

The energy supply is completely deficient in Imbert and all communities that have become very bad trade situation where dozens of products that need to be kept refrigerated – meat, dairy and soft drinks – are damaged by lack of electricity.

In the matter Narciso colmadero Trejo explained that none of the authorities want to meet their demands despite that every month they pay their bills religiously but still do not receive the service, hence why they are organizing these protests.

Trejo said that the township of Imbert has more than 90 percent of citizens paying their energy bills but everyone is already tired of not receiving power supply, however, if someone does not pay the bill on time he/she must pay a fine of 330 pesos for re-connection.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

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