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AMET strikes again

Last Thursday morning, the traffic police (AMET) was again very active. In three places, at the traffic lights in SosĂșa Abajo, Charamicos and El Batey, motor bike drivers without safety helmet were arrested in bulk. The bikes were confiscated and after payment of 1000 pesos fine at the police station, the bikes were returned to the owners.

In mid-December last year, the commander of the traffic police announced that they would act stricter against traffic offenders. For a few days the were very strict against motor bike drivers without a helmet. Then it became quiet again and everyone drove around without a helmet. Last Thursday morning they hit again, at the aforementioned traffic lights were dozens of motors confiscated and the owners fined for driving without a safety helmet. A safety helmet is not a luxury, and it is good that bikers use this for their protection. But it would also be better that the traffic police checks regularly and not just on a random early Thursday morning.

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  1. Samson

    Well that is a start but it has to be ongoing. How about driving down one way streets the wrong way and driving on the wrong side of the road for both cars and motorcycles???
    It seems to me that motorcycles only have to carry helmets. What use is that.
    Come on Amet, do your job.

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