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ADIE feels government distorts energy sector

SD. The president of the ADIE suggested that there is a need for a great national pact to deal with the problems of the electricity system. He said that the political forces, the civilian forces, the state authorities, the churches and other sectors should take part.

Otto Gonzalez said that the sector has to make long range plans so that there will not be a need to go changing the rules of the game as happens at the present time and so that there is coherence in the plans.

For this he suggested open and clear talks in which they try to create a long term plan for the electric sector. “Our worry is that there be some coherence, so the plans for the electric sector are fundamental, but a plan that is long term.”

He said that if they do not plan correctly they might make the capacity too big and what they do then is that other projects that have entered previously, which have still not paid themselves off, can see their returns interrupted.

He stressed the fact that the generators have long term investments and that once they decide to invest US$400 million, they have to have a guarantee of a return on this capital, without changing the rules of the game that are now in play.

A call is issued to comply with what the Electricity Law says

Otto Gonzalez said that the participation of the state in the generation of electricity creates distortions and is contrary to the General Law of Electricity 125-01 which established the promotion of competition for that there is more efficient generation.

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