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A group of Haitians calls for boycott of Dominican commerce in Haiti

SANTO DOMINGO. The actions by groups of Haitians against the Dominican Republic over the sentence by the Constitutional Tribunal, which establishes the criteria for obtaining nationality, do not stop, even in the middle of the opening of talks to find a way out for the descendants of the undocumented foreigners.

This strategy, together with the petition from the president of the Caribbean Community (Caricom), Kamla Persad Bissessar, who asked President Danilo Medina to not enforce the sentence from the tribunal.’

The so-called “4 December Collective” suggested that with the purpose of pushing the Dominican state to reconsider the controversial sentence of 23 September. They issued a call to the different sectors of the national life and to the government to boycott the Dominican commerce on Haitian soil.

The former president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Haiti, Jean-Robert Argand, the present coordinator of the group, explains this focus because commerce is the greatest area where the Haitians can hurt the interests of the Dominican Republic.

He says that the “4 December Collective” is making a request to the government to “take all of the measures in order to force compliance with the rights of our citizens beyond our frontiers, as well as inside the country. Strengthen the customs control, help and guide our importers in the urgent identification of alternative sources with the neighboring countries that are not the Dominican Republic”, according to an article in the Haitian newspaper Le Nouvelliste.

The Collective compared the decision by the Constitutional Tribunal with the massacre of Haitian immigrants in 1937.

Gerard Gourgue, the honorary president of the “4 December Collective”, said that he supports the focus initiated by the new entity.

After having lives, when he was a child, through the 1937 Massacre, the former presidential candidate recognized the important changes in the relations between the two countries.

“While the Haitian government has managed the crisis from a diplomatic standpoint, this is not the case of its internal management.”

1937 Memorial Committee is worried over TC sentence

In a document signed in Port-au-Prince, dated 23 December, the 1937 Memorial Committee called on the Dominican political authorities to take into consideration the tragic consequences that the sentence by the Constitutional Tribunal (TC) might have on “the living conditions of citizens who are loyal to the laws of your country and who, on the other hand, have contributed a lot to the Dominican economic development.”

In the same way, they expressed their support “without reservations” for the petitions and actions of the Committee of Solidarity with the Denationalized Persons which brings together several personalities and organizations from the Dominican civil society who are fighting for the respect of the rights of their fellow citizens.

The statement by the 1937 Memorial Committee is signed by eight Haitian personalities, among who are Guy Alexandre, Suzy Castor, Colette Lespinasse, Edwin Paraison, Sabine Manigat, and others.

Upon expressing their highest preoccupation, the Committee called on the Haitian executive “to be vigilant so as not to fall into the trap of transforming the bi-lateral talks into an international level and thereby let yourself be led towards the signing of an agreement to the detriment of the Haitian population, especially in its most vulnerable strata, exposed to all kinds of administrative stumbling blocks and abuses in the Dominican territory.

They asked the Haitian state to assist with their fellow countrymen in the paperwork for obtaining identification documents and others required by the Dominican government in order to normalize their condition as immigrants.

The context

“By means of the reactionary sentence TC/0168/13 dated 23 September 2013 which goes against the rights of citizens and undercuts the victory of the unending struggles for human rights covered by the United Nations Charter since 1948-the Constitutional Court (sic) of the Dominican Republic denies Dominican nationality to several generations of immigrants and their descendants, who settled in the country since 21 July 1029,” said the 4 December Collective in a note published as part of their presentation.

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