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14% of Dominicans have “nono” job or school

Santo Domingo.- The Dominicans between 10 and 34 who neither work, nor study nor seek work, known as the “nono,” represent 14.31% of the population, or 636,833 people, according to the Labor Ministry’s Dominican Labor Market Observatory, based on the National Workforce Survey (ENCO) 2000-2012.

An analysis by notes that the 14% reveals the difficulties or lack of motivation young Dominicans face to enter or remain in the workforce or in school.

Of that group, the young adults between 20 and 24 years of age have the highest rates in unemployment, school dropouts, with 30%, or 189,091 people. That segment is followed by people between 25 and 29, or 155,118 unemployed, for 24%.

Those are followed by the Dominicans between 30 and 34 (144,935) or 23%, followed by youngsters between 15 and 19, with 20%, or 124,298.

Rounding out the figures are adolescents between 10 and 14, who reach 4%, with 23,391.

The 44% (282,813) of those youngsters have a high school education, while 40% (235,015) have elementary education. In a distant 10% (65,912) are those with no formal education and the remaining 8% (53,093) are youngster who have university degrees.

The gender gap is also quite pronounced in the labor force, with women accounting for 71% (449,684), far from the 29% (187,149) of men without a job, who aren’t in school or interested in doing so.

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