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13,672 not 688,000 irregular Haitian birth registrations

The Central Electoral Board (JCE) says that the inventory of the civil registry books dating back to 1929 has revealed that there are 13,672 irregularly registered Haitians. This is a far cry from the 688,000 figure and the “tens of thousands” that critics of the Constitutional Court 168-13 decision on nationality have been using.

The Central Electoral Board (JCE) announced yesterday, Thursday 7 November that its registries established that 53,847 children of foreigners are registered, of 117 nationalities. 24,392 were registered irregularly, as reported in Diario Libre. In total, 36,326 are children of Haitian parents of whom 13,672 were registered irregularly. JCE president Roberto Rosario said that 55,542 civil registry books (98%) have been processed out of a total of 56,564. 1,022 books were not inventoried because they were in serious deteriorated condition and need to be restored.

Foreigners born to parents of other nationalities will be impacted because they have been determined to have been irregularly registered include: United States 1,645, Spain 799, Puerto Rico 620, United Kingdom 569, Netherlands 314, Cuba 182 and Italy 208, among others.

Rosario said that the children of foreigners who have been irregularly registered are guaranteed that their documents will be regularized if they can prove their links to the Dominican Republic, that they have been born here and that they have not violated Dominican laws.

As reported in Diario Libre, of the 24,392 children of foreigners who were irregularly registered, including 13,672 corresponding to children of non-resident Haitian nationals, 4,859 were registered using name cards, 5,296 with passports and 14,237 with other or no documents. The JCE says that these numbers include 3,685 whose registry will be subject to an in-depth investigation during the audit period because they could not be coded.

The JCE says that the inventory shows that 53,847 children of foreigners are registered, or 0.57% of the population of 9,445,281 according to the 2010 National Census, which is the impact the Constitutional Court Ruling will have on the regular and irregular registries from 1929 to date.

The breakdown is: 53,847 people registered by a foreign father or mother, of whom 29,455 were registered according to established rules, that is that even if the parents were foreigners they had the category of residents and had their respective IDs (cedulas), for 55% of the tally. The JCE says that from 2007 to date, 21,449 foreign births have been registered in the Book of Foreigners.

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