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Why do residents get burgled – Poor security or Too trusting?

WARNING: “Semana Santa” (Easter week) is coming soon, which means we all have to be extra careful and on alert when it comes to protecting ourselves and our property. Normally a wave of house hits comes 2-3 weeks prior to Semana Santa, and prior to X mas week.

In this article we have put together some tips for the country newbee’s and regular’s.

A burglary attack in most cases happens between 11pm – 2am, so be in the state of alert especially during these hours. Maybe if you stay up until 2 am in the morning it will reduce a risk of being burgled in your own house. Ladrones (thieves) don’t like to be noticed, and prefer to organize a surprise attack when a victim is less prepared.

Sometimes I hear people speak negatively about certain residential areas, because they just had some burglary or shoot-outs. These comments are made about even the most expensive and security fanatic gated communities. As an ex-victim of a home burglary (caused by me trusting a new house keeper) and through getting details from other burglary victims, my conclusion is that in 99% of the cases we were too trusting with either the security guard/s, the house keeper, the gardener, the poor guest, prostitutes, moto concho drivers, construction workers or a combination of two or more of these groups of workers.

We need to wake up to the fact that even if we live in what seems to be the most secure gated community, then the gap between wealthy and poor, exists right there under your nose, in other words there are the “have’s” and “have not’s”. And the “have not’s” know that especially foreigners will receive no justice by reporting a burglary or theft to the corrupt Sosua, Cabarete, Puerto Plata Police. So we are like “fragile lambs” ready to be eaten by the wolves unless we take the right precautions. But before you go out and spend a fortune on turning your Caribbean ocean view villa into your private jail, then try these tips first:

- Don’t keep stacks of cash, jewelry or other easy to steal valuables floating around in your home.

- Keep an old or broken camera or computer lying somewhere visible in your house to distract ladrones from real stuff.

- Ask yourself if you really need that private security guard, maid, nanny, gardener?

- Take sensible precautions when you do let people into your property or inside your home. Ask yourself what they could be tempted to steal? And then hide well before they enter your home.

- Don’t show off your stuff! As this behavior to a poor person triggers a desire to get what you have.

- If your wallet is thick with cash, then in privacy take out 500 – 1000 pesos and place it in a pocket you reach for when you pay for something in front of the “have nots” (otherwise don’t be surprised if you personally become their target.

- Tint the windows in your car to confuse security or other curious eyes as to whether only one person or everyone left your home. When someone is thought to be home, then it lowers the chances of a burglary happen, as most burglaries are done discreetly.

- Get one or two big guard dogs for your yard and a smaller dog you can bring inside at night. This little fella’ will be able to wake you up even if the burglars try to get passed or poison your big dogs, and this warning will win you time to arm yourself, light up the outside, sound a horn or alarm and call for security or armed friends to help you. Usually burglars take off when they are challenged with light, noise and gunshots.

- If you are into the prostitutes, then avoid doing your thing at your home – remember that most these ladies and their moto concho amigos, fall into the category of “have not’s” – and they study more than just your good looks!

- Having all the fancy devices and protection like alarms, glass splinters or NATO wires on your walls, jail bars on windows and doors, electric fences etc. is only effective if you master keeping out those smiley characters who pretend to be your best friend, only to suddenly violate your trust and then to rob you!

- Don’t build a safe in your house! Keep your money in the bank! (Someone will see your safe and tell more bad guys about it.

- Armed robberies usually only happen when an inside informer has guaranteed his scam bag friends that “here is a pot of gold” – “hit this place asap”!

So in other words next time you hear a neighbor being robbed (whether you live in Sea Horse Ranch or in Charamicos) then it’s probably not because the neighborhood, but because your neighbor screwed up with one or more of the above mentioned points.

If you plan to move to to the DR, then it’s important to realize that there are the “Have’s” and the “Have not’s”.  It’s a third world country and if you leave yourself open to be mugged or robbed, then the chances are high that you will be! Typically if you’re white, then you’re considered rich in many locals eyes(even if you’re struggling to get by).

Should you need to obtain a legal weapon or security products, then feel free to contact us at and leave your name and number for us to contact you.

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  1. Samson

    Excellent advice, thank you.

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