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This should stop you from eating in Dominican Republic

What actually consume Dominicans? A national study which was seen exclusively on Z101digital, responds in part to that question. And  is that the final report of this study gives accounts that an  appreciable amount of slaughterhouses and dairies operating in violation  of sanitary controls, fiscal and environmental.

The  study was conducted earlier this year by a public-private institution  and reflects the lack of safety controls that work in these businesses  without the respective councils of the jurisdictions where they work,  say or do anything to regulate them or close them.

In  the images that repoducimos with this note you can see the poor  conditions in which they work in these places from where products served  at tables of hundreds of thousands of homes. Similarly, it is clear that the raw material of slaughterhouses and dairies (animals) are not fit for human consumption.

Among  the institutions and agencies called to ensure that you meet all the  necessary checks to ensure that these products are in proper condition  for consumption include: Public Health, Environment, Proconsumidor,  Digenor, municipalities in these localities, among others.

It is expected that study be revealed in the coming days.

The salami and now slaughterhouses!!!

Recently,  Proconsumidor released a study on the quality and safety of processed  meats in the country, and the result was that 97 percent of the sample  did not contain the required levels of protein or meat, while 15 percent  were infected with fecal coliform or E. Coli, and a high concentration of sodium nitrite and nitrate (a chemical carcinogen) and MDM or mechanically deboned meat.

The  revelation caused a stir and greatly affected the national meat  industry to the point that the President has come out in defense of the  sausages, calling Dominicans to eat salami or pepperoni, while the  Ministry of Health played down the study and Proconsumidor practice  ordered a new one, what Proconsumidor accepted, but the condition that  it is used the same protocol as in research conducted that institution.

Source: Dominican Watchdog

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