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The situation at the Nuclear Power Station “Fukushima-1″ is out of control

The situation on the emergency Nuclear Power Station Fukushima-1 “on Friday continued to go worse, resulting in that the Agency for Nuclear and Industrial Safety in Japan (NISA) has raised the level of danger of the accident at nuclear power plants from the fourth to the fifth of seven possible levels of the International Nuclear Event Scale (INES). Also considered the possibility of building a concrete sarcophagus around the station.
The fact that the situation gets out of control, evidenced by the statements of independent, third-party experts.  On Friday the head of Rosatom, Sergei Kiriyenko said that the specialists have no control over the situation in the emergency Fukushima-1, but only inhibit its rate of deterioration.

However, according to the experts, even under the most unfavorable scenario, the radiation does not spread to the Russian Far East.

Meanwhile, the radioactive particles containing air masses reached the southern U.S. state of California. Fortunately, the radiation dose is so low that the risk to human health does not exist.

Earthquake of magnitude 9 hit Japan on March 11, it caused a tsunami wave height of more than ten meters. Number of victims of disaster continues to grow. According to police, the death toll is close to seven thousand people, and more than ten thousand people missing.

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