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The 46th anniversary of the U.S. military invasion of the Dominican Republic in 1965

On April 28th,  1965,  42 000 marines arrived to the island after colonel Francisco Alberto Caamaño, at the top of a popular and Constitutional uprising of April 24, cornered the leaders of the 1963 coup, among them Major general Elías Wessin & Wessin, in the Air Force’s San Isidro Airbase.

The armed rebellion advocated the return of the toppled Juan Bosch to power and the restitution of the 1963 Constitution. Reports to Washington at the time evidenced the United States’ fear of a repeat of the Cuban Revolution just six years before.

In addition to Wessin, general Antonio Imbert Barrers, with the support of then U.S. ambassador William Tapley Bennett created a Military junta, headed by colonel Pedro Benoit, as the political counterpart to the Presidency-in-Arms headed by Caamaño.

It was the second American military intervention in just 40 years.

Source: Dominican Republic Live

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