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Stop food price speculation, say food sector workers

La Vega.- The National Foodworkers Federation (FENTA) has called on the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and ProConsumidor, the consumer watchdog, to stop traders from speculating and charging consumers excessive prices for basic goods. Instead of telling consumers they should not let themselves be overcharged by traders, ProConsumidor should defend consumers from their practices, said FENTA.

FENTA secretary Elpidio Santos says he does not understand how traders can say that there is no reason for the price rises, yet oil, milk, chicken, beans and meat are being sold at higher prices compared to two weeks ago.

“When we say that the Industry and Commerce authorities need to act, we do it on the understanding that this entity should have the necessary inspectors to stop the speculative wave that is affecting the pockets of the working classes, which always have to pay for the speculation and usury by traders who only think of profit without caring about the way it affects the neediest sectors”.

Elpidio Santos said that they hoped that the competent authorities would show genuine defensive capacity by creating the effective mechanisms that are needed in order to impose controls on what he described as the “soulless” traders in the country.

Source: Dominican Today

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