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Sex Tourism: Dominican HIV and AIDS Patients Suffer From Drug Shortage

( – The shortage of certain drugs for  treating HIV / AIDS in the Dominican Republic is worrying thousands of  patients, who protested the situation and demanded answers from health  authorities.

According to the president of the  local network of people living with the disease, Dulce Almonte, they  have been suffering for months from the lack of drugs such as Tenofovirz  and Abacacvir.

We demand explanations of the reasons that led to the change in care projects, Almonte said, quoted by media reports.

She also charged that the drug  compatibility analysis of patients is not being conducted, which  threatens the quality of life of those affected.

In late  June, leaders of the Coalition of NGOs HIV/AIDS warned that in the 2013  budget, the country will spend six million dollars to buy medicine for  more than 20,000 patients with the disease.

According to official figures, the  Dominican Republic has more than 60,000 people living with HIV/AIDS, and  nearly one-third receive medication and have to be tested for control,  but so far, these drugs and analysis are covered with Global Fund  resources.

For next  year, Nicomedes Castro, of the aforementioned coalition, said that the  necessary amount must be budgeted to meet the needs of an increasing  population.

He said the country faces a difficult situation with the international financial crisis which in turn affects major donors in the fight against HIV/AIDS, as they are unable to assume their financial responsibility.

Source: Dominican Watchdog

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