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Gringo’s often strive to feel secure by hiring security staff or company’s to look after their family and property?  Yet here are some of the pittfalls:

* The staff are mostly under paid – bored and tired

* They are mostly poor guys who quickly get tempted to commit a crime against the very people who hired them to protect  them! “If we are the sheep – let’s not get wolfs to look after us!” (Screen them thoroughly 1′st)

* In most cases they are not screened or screened thoroughly ( Many ex Motoconcho guys or ex Haitian construction workers).

* They are given very little training on how to judge difficult situations, correct procedures etc.., yet they are quickly allowed to hold a shotgun in their hands!

* When a burglary does happen, isn’t it interesting how they always have an excuse as to why they were missing from their post (or suddenly had an emergency) or they heard and saw nothing even when a lot of dogs were barking their heads off or alarms going off?!

So think twice before hiring in security staff – don’t keep your cash or valuables in your home – and be very careful about who you invite inside your home – temptation is a powerful motivator!

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