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Local banks slow service, drive clients almost insane!

If you’ve tried I.e. banking a cheque at some of the local Banks, then maybe you too have felt like yelling from the top of your lungs “SPEEED UP FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!”. The queue in such banks normally moves painstaikinly slow, and when it’s your turn to ex. bank your cheque, then the teller 1′st studies the cheque while doing 10 other things simutainiously, then he/she asks you to have a seat, while they check out the cheque closer. They don’t give an explanation as to why they are delaying the process, but they usually choose to call the issuer of the cheque to ask if they really wrote this cheque out or they check their clients signature for the million’th time! This delaying process even happens when it concerns smaller amounts, and they just seem to enjoy overdooing the due dilligence process, either because of inexperience or to play important!

Sometimes you will find 4 tellers out of 5 fidling with paper, rather than saying “Next” and keeping the cueue moving. This agrivating behavior which wastes and disrespects customers time, is mostly found in the government owned banks.

The most efficient banks from locals feedback seems to be Scottia Bank, Banco Leon and PHD bank. So if you’re choosing a new bank, have a couple of trial runs going to each bank before making your decision.


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