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Libya: The US & the UN is again trying to trick the world – Why do they let civilians in “not oil rich” nations get slaughtered, yet now they claim that they want to save Libyan civilians!? – OIL??


Reg. attacks on Oil rich Libya, previous attacks on nations and the corruption – the true volition’s behind it all:

World leaders are much worse than a dishonest car dealer. These guys always use (or create) human suffering as the needed excuse to get the majority of either their nationals or the worlds naive support so that their military forces can defeat obstacles that are in the way of them achieving their own financial greedy interests. The attacks on Libya is just another disgusting example of how far we have let governments abuse us all.

Isn’t it strange that irregardless of how much each country might be in dept or how much their own citizens are suffering, they can always find or extract more of the tax payers money to wage war on weaker nations!

Corrupt politicians, government leaders and the connected business elite, live in extreme luxury and convenience at our expense! They can abuse words like freedom, democracy, fairness, we wish to protect.., liberty, we care etc… and unlike you and me, with their diplomatic passports, they never have their movements restricted or need to go through the costly, stressful and privacy invading processes to apply for visas, new passports, getting rejected or placed on “No fly lists”. Also they can steal, frame, accuse, harass, torture, pollute, invade our privacy online on the phone etc… etc.., lie and kill, while always being able to justify it with the excuse of it being law enforcement or war. They have private offshore bank accounts which they never get questioned about, yet if we wish to protect our hard earned money this way and they find out something, then we are instantly made to be criminals

and we get the access to our money blocked or stolen out of our accounts from authorities, like so have tried to go through. It’s simple, if they can control our speech, our movement, our money, our assets and keep us poor, then they have it easy and we do not become a threat to them.

When they provoke or start a war, they don’t want to send their own children to fight, no instead it’s our children that has to risk their necks. If our children survive, they get fancy medals and praise, after which they are neglected and forgotten! So before you become all nationalistic, then just ask yourself if you know if the so-called “Enemy” (The actual soldiers, sailors, pilots etc…) is actually all a bunch of bad guys (like the world leaders and their generals who brainwash you wants you to believe). Learn to say no to supporting  any government or any greedy -  hypocritical – nasty or controlling person, organization or company.

Then we have the seizure of hard earned property where any of the governments departments can without any consequences steal or restrict you from your assets. Then there are a million unfair Fines – Levy’s – penalties – the hypocritical list goes on and on and on…

Isn’t it time the world wakes up?!! What happened to “Self ownership” – “Freedom of speech” – “Freedom of movement” – “Rights to ones own hard earned money and assets” ? As long as we keep justifying that it’s o.k. for governments to interfere in human affairs and business (and stopping us having a free market economy) then we are doomed to become even more enslaved and loose any bit of quality life we might have left.

Here are some useful principles that explains how a healthy society should be structured:

Each individual is the owner of his own life and has the right to live it as he sees fit, as long as he respects that same right in others.

Each person has the right to create or lawfully acquire property – real, and intellectual – and to control its use.

All interaction among adult human beings, in all spheres of life, should be voluntary. Voluntary societies are civil societies, coercive societies are not.

Physical coercion must be removed from human affairs. The only acts that may properly be banned in a free society are those that involve the initiation of physical force or fraud by one party against another.

In a free society, laws protect people and property from the initiation of physical force or fraud, and uphold voluntary contractual agreements.

The only legitimate function of government is to uphold these principles.

The only economic system consistent with these principles is the free market.

To establish constitutional republics, not by deceit but by openly and vigorously promoting the above principles.

Remember what Henry Ford the 2′nd said “If you don’t like something, help change it, otherwise don’t complain about it” -
so feel free to pass the above truths onto the friends you believe are level headed enough to comprehend the above info -  many thanks!

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