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Say NO to NO FLY ZONE in Libya!

By Jonathan Raof, on March 11th, 2011

Those advocating for a No Fly Zone over Libya are doing so because they feel it will be a good way to stop Qaddafi from killing his people from the sky. For the U.S. to instill a NFZ, without question, is an act of war toward Libya. It seems kind of ironic that the U.S. wants to defend Libyans by going to war with them…but I guess that is just me being dense (as Qaddafi is the one we want to wage war with).

If you don’t buy the irony, just (as always) listen to Ron Paul for the answers:

‎It is my opinion that we should NOT…. go into Libya and impose a No Fly Zone. You have to remember, a No Fly Zone is an act of war. What moral right do we have to participate in war activity against Libya? …. There’s no constitutional authority for a President to willie nillie go and start placing No Fly Zones over countries around the world.

Read more here: LibertarianViewPoints

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