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Leonel Fernandez inaugurated road improvement works in the province of Puerto Plata

With a government investment of over 700 million pesos President Leonel Fernandez on Thursday, June 28th, inaugurated streets and roads in dozens of neighborhoods and communities in the province of Puerto Plata, works was unfertaken by the Ministry of Public Works and Communications.

Fernandez was accompanied by Minister of Public Works, engineer Victor Diaz Rua, who will build and operate the road Ranchito de los Vargas-Belloso-Villa Isabela, Isabela Villa-Estero Hondo-La Playa as well as the town streets header in Luperon.

The head of state will operate within 34 kilometers of roads and 38 miles of streets and sidewalks in the northern town, says a note from the Ministry of Public Works.

On the other hand, the mandatario also will start the first stage of the aqueduct Imbert, Puerto Plata, built by the National Institute of Water and Sewers (INAPA), in a ceremony to be held in the Barrio Club, of this township.

The road Ranchito de los Vargas-Belloso-Villa Isabela has a length of 14 miles with two lanes of 3.0 meters each, with a marked walk 0.50 meters vertically and horizontally. In this way it was improved in horizontal and vertical alignment, while the pavement structure is crushed granular base, stabilized with cement of 0.20 meters thick. The floor is composed of a layer of asphalt, concrete applied hot 2 inch thick. There were also built sidewalks in living areas

The construction of the road Ranchito de los Vargas-Belloso-Villa Isabela will improve communication between communities Imbert, Strait, Ranchito Ranchito Down, Cerro de Navas, El Higo, Crossing Mieses, Belloso, Project Love, Harquies, The Raft, The Palero and Villa Isabela. The works includes the construction of streets in the community of Belloso with a length of 5 kilometers, also the streets of Love Project. While Villa Isabela road-Estero Hondo-La Beach is 20 miles long and an average width of 3.00 meters per lane and ride marked 0.50 meters vertically and horizontally.

With estethic work, it will improve communication between the communities of Villa Isabela, Guaconejal, Dieguito, Laguna Grande, Pylons, The Crab, Estero Hondo, Rancho Playa Manuel and Ensenada. The route is of great importance for the economic development of these towns, because it allows parts and fuel savings and better movement of vehicles carrying goods between communities.

With the reconstruction of the road between Puerto Plata Beach Inlet in Punta Rusia, it should help national and international tourism, as travelers will have a faster and more convenient way to access recreation. The work also includes construction of 6 kilometers of streets, sidewalks, curbs and paving in the community-Guaconejal Dieguito.

The construction of streets in Puerto Plata and Luperon was in the repair of 19 miles of streets in the town of Puerto Plata and 8 in Luperon, the work included the improvement of the structure of the pavement with granular base. Furthermore, the rehabilitation of sidewalks, curbs, drainage and placement of a wearing course of asphalt concrete with a thickness of 2 inches to end the signing and marking.

The neighborhoods Teachers, Mirador Sur, Christ the King, The New Kings, The Olivia and Juan Bosch sectors also Eduardo Brito, Father Barn, Geneva Arseno, Las Mercedes, Haiti, La Limonera, The CONANI and San Marcos will be paved.
The reconstruction of these streets will improve standard of living of the population and encourage productivity and development in the area of ​​Puerto Plata and Luperon.

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