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Key suspects in robbery in Lomas Mironas


A Gringo family was the victims of a burglary just recently. The couple left their house about 7Pm for dinner in Cabarete, and passed two guy’s just near their house – one a Haitian security guard, and a friend of his. The couple felt uncomfortable that the 2 guys had seen them drive off, yet they continued out to Cabarete for a celebration dinner. Then after midnight when they returned, they found their house had been robbed and dogs chased away. The victim couldn’t find the Haitian security guard anywhere and later when the Haitian man was questioned, he was found to be covering up for his friend, claiming that he was alone when the couple saw him. Many other clues point to it being this Haitian security guard and his friend. However the Police supposedly did very little to solve the case, except putting on a show for the victims, and it’s suspected that the Police were bought off by the Haitian to release him (which they did very quickly). The Haitian man has now acquired himself a motorbike which also seems very suspicious to the victimized family.

In Lomas Mironas, there has been a dispute between especially the above victims and other neighbors about the pro’s and con’s about getting more security in the area. The victim claims that by getting more security in, this is the same as getting more burglars in, as most of such robberies are inside jobs. The victim now sees it as his neighbors fault for naively continuing to employ these non-screened and untrained guys to case the area as they see fit.

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