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Insure your Dominican Freedom Now!

Are you insured against being maliciously thrown in the worst possible jail cell you can imagine with a bunch of noisy and dangerous gangsters? Do you have the money, time or energy to untangle yourself from the snake of corruption? Many of us are not even aware of how devastating it can turn out for ourselves and our spouse / family if suddenly some unforeseen situation occurred that framed us as the villain even though we might be the actual victim in reality.

Living as foreigner in the DR and especially on the North Coast leaves honest and hardworking foreigners very vulnerable for being targeted in various situations, as we are all rich (or so most Dominicans think), and then due to the corruption here this also attracts a high percentage of scamsters and hardcore criminals from various nations to this country. Due to the engagement of racism, classicism, corruption and stereo type behavior inflicted by Dominicans, Police and the Courts against the foreigners, this makes it very dangerous to stand up for what is right or what really happened, whether this be in an accident situation, self defense from burglars, or any type of civil or criminal case, and this often lands people in jail. Bad foreigners on the other hand are more likely to maliciously sue other foreigners as often as they have money they are willing to invest in order to screw you / your business over.

Of course prevention is better than cure. However if something bad did happen which would land you in jail, then there is an insurance available that will get you instantly transferred from nasty jail cell to a more “hotel like” type of jail in Santiago with your own private suite, hot shower, food and communication access. It supplies you with instant legal assistance and a cover from 1 to 5 million pesos against potential expenses. This insurance only costs a few thousand pesos per year (prices vary based on how much cover you want).

To learn more about this insurance, please write a quick request to

“It’s better to be safe than sorry!”

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