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Ignored potholes between Cabarete and Sosua are putting lives at risk!

The many ignored potholes between Cabarete and Sosua are putting drivers at risk, as vehicles drive into the opposite lane to avoid them. And as there are so many drivers that enjoy sitting on the middle line coming from the opposite direction, then this is often nearly causing head on collisions.

The other danger is when dark sets in, as then motorbikes often don’t see the potholes till it’s too late. The local roadworks seem to ignore the need for these potholes to be repaired. One pothole between Coastal and Sea Horse Ranch became over a meter in length and deep, large enough to cause serious damage to any smaller vehicle let alone the danger it put everyone at. We at NPN have as a temporary measure filled this with concrete, yet there are many more potholes growing bigger and deeper every day.

Also why did they never finish the road paving near cabarete? The fact that they did some of the paving, was it just another election show off?

The fact is that the responsible roadworks and mayors don’t seem to care! “If the fish stinks – it stinks from the head!”

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