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Harassment by Politur on Girls continues, Sosua

Less than 1 1/2 years ago, town Hall ordered Police and Military to actually hunt the working girls right into restaurants, bars and Night Clubs after which the girls were loaded into pick-up’s and carted off to jail. Girls were also dragged by force out of taxis after arriving all dollied up from all over the country. Millions of dollars in potential local revenue was lost by these stupid actions caused by town hall, as foreigners quickly spread the news by phone, e-mail, Skype, sms, chat, on forums etc… And guys returned to their country’s informing their friends further about the self destructive acts and human violations that they had just been witness to in Sosua and Cabarete. The Dominican Government, Politicians and various corrupt DR businesses have already killed off  most of the business here on the North Coast, so when the worst harassment on the working Girls took place, then Sosua and Cabarete literally turned into ghost towns (both day and night) during the following year.

Then as town hall and its uniformed hunch dogs gradually realized just how stupid they had acted and how little money they were now getting, they then started slacking off on this in-humane and evil harassment. Slowly the sex tourists started returning with their urgently needed money, and the mayor’s right hand man, even set up a big new bar to help accelerate the recovery, yet the harassment by politur still continues. Frightened lady’s are still having to sprint on their high heels between bars in an attempt to avoid being arrested. Men are continuously being asked to walk ladies from one bar to another, which is all due to the continued pathetic instructions given to Politur and Police by Town Hall.

The authorities just don’t learn – Even after they nearly killed these two beach towns! They need to accept and understand that the guys travel thousands of kilometers for the girls, and the girls are here to make enough money to get out of the poverty caused by the governments in the first place! Finding a nice Gringo man who has the ability to afford giving her a better life of course seems like the quickest way to dig herself and her family out of a troublesome situation.

Police need to be supervised correctly and be instructed to only intervene in human affairs if a true crime might have been committed or if a fight brakes out – isn’t that supposed to be the job of police in the first place?

The problem here is that Dominican leaders are shit scared of letting any foreigners get any kind of say in this country, yet they want more of us to come here with our hard earned money! At this stage only real foreigners can understand and attract large numbers of other foreigners, but most likely the DR corruption and the leaders fears will continue to kill these multibillion opportunity’s off like it has for so many years!

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