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Harassment by Politur in Sosua – Cabarete continues (Dominican Republic)

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The corrupt bullies from Politur in the Sosua / Cabarete area continue their harrassment of any ladies found walking the footpath. The woman are instantly accused of conducting prostitution, and dragged of to jail where they given the option to either pay money, perform favours to the officers or spend the night in jail.

Even though the above video is very short, it shows you a bunch of officers escorting 2 ladies off to the jail, and just a few minutes later they almost broke the arm on a young lady because she demanded answers as to why she couldn’t freely walk down the street.

These ongoing uniformed crimes of harrassing residents are performed day and night in the Sosua / Cabarete area. It is not just the girls that are bullied and financially/sexually harrassed – the young men from Haiti also get thrown in jail a lot in the area accused of not having the right documents to work here. In their case, they are asked to contact their employers to come and pay large sums of money to get their workers released.

So to put it bluntly, most uniformed government employed staff in the DR (but especially on the North Coast) are just a bunch of bullying theives with lots of dirty extortion tricks up their sleeves!

There’s an expression that say’s “If the fish stinks, it stinks at the head!” and as long as corrupt mayors, Police heads and government allow for this to continue, then it certainly will!

The so-called “leaders” here, are obviously blind to how many billions of dollars they are blowing in lost business, by scaring away tourists, investors and new expats, just so they can get their quick and lazy buck for themselves!

If you look at Sosua, first the Mayor and polititians killed off most of the areas family tourism, and now by her allowing the harrassment and arrests performed by Politur and Police on the young ladies and poorest haitian workers (for just walking on a street), this the men can’t be bothered to look at, and they quickly tell their freinds back home who then fly elsewhere to have their vacations.

If the Mayor and other influential heads wishes to see prostitution dissapear in the Sosua / Cabarete, then they are kidding themselves, as most of the young ladies were never educated to survive in other ways, so by just throwing them in jail and making them angry with the Police’s robbery is not going to change them for the better!

Solution: Either accept that prostitution is the oldest trade in the world and let the nightlife boom ahead while focusing on fighting real crime like theft and assult, or alternatively get investors to develop large area called I.e. “Zona Erotica” where clubs, bars, strip joints etc… can be allowed to thrive, and the “ladies of the night know where they can safely travel to at night. Keep in mind that most prostitutes are only doing it till they have enough money to break free from it – so why not help the economy boom for everyones benefit and ensure that there’s minimum government/police interferance!

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