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Gringo farmer claims Sosua Police robbed him after he left bank

A gringo Farmer feels grossly violated after he said he was robbed at broad daylight by police officers from the Sosua Police a few days ago. The victim had supposively been seen pulling up in his  4 wheel drive at the bank. After he had left the bank, he was challenged by his vehicle by 3 police officers, who used the excuse that they needed to search his vehicle for weapons. As they found nothing, they demanded that he would follow them to the station, but instead they took him to a quiet back street where they drew their guns on him and demanded he give them all his money. He claims they stole over RD$15000. The victim said he followed them after the ordeal, and they drove straight back to the Sosua Police station.

If the farmers story stacks up, then the questions that come to mind are – Is there any real police here? or just a bunch of crooks with badges and firearms?

More and more reports are surfacing of various types of robberies, blackmail and harassment by all divisions of uniformed personnel especially on the North Coast, and both Dominican and International folk are boiling over this type of corruption.

“If the fish stinks – it stinks from the head down!”

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