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Get a beautiful pet bird for your home from a Sosua bird breeder

Tropical birds are some of the most beautiful animals in the world, and some of them make wonderful family pets. If you are looking for this unique pet, we offer for sale the following breeds:

Zebra doves - The zebra dove may not be as popular as the diamond dove but it is a widely kept cage bird throughout the world.  In Thailand farms exist that are devoted to raising the zebra dove to sell to people living in that country who believe that having a zebra dove in the home will bring the family good luck.  Their call is so special that they have cooing contests every year in Thailand. The zebra doves coo is very loud for such a small bird. If you live in an apartment this may not be the bird for you.

Cockatiels - The cockatiel seems to have “personality”. Hand raised, hand fed and behaviorally accustomed cockatiels can add immensely to home life or family pet interaction. Cockatiels caged in pairs will develop rapport with each other but less with their owner, and cockatiels tamed living domesticated will bond to owners more. Tamed cockatiels can grow into daily companions capable of mimicked speech and can be trained to do amusing tricks like singing or dancing to music. Cockatiels can make outstanding pets for homes with children as long as teasing, noise, and feeding training information is disseminated effectively.

Budgies - budgies are fun pets to keep. They are lively, intelligent and playful. They can learn to speak and do tricks. A budgie is sure to brighten up any home. If you have ever had a budgerigar in your family then you will know just how rewarding it can be. They definitely develop their own personality. And it can be a lot of fun to play with them or watch them flap about the room.

Keeping one of these wonderful birds is a great way to teach children about responsibility and loyalty. They can also be a great comfort to isolated people like the elderly, who might get lonely without company.

Caring for your budgie is really very simple, it’s not surprising that so many people keep them as pets. Keeping your budgie fed and watered and keeping his cage clean doesn’t take more than a few minutes a day. It beats running around after a dog in the rain every day.

Finches – Just like canaries, finches are great for people who enjoy watching birds rather than having a demanding pet that requires a lot of personal attention. There are vast variety of finches.

Lovebirds - Lovebirds naturally are sold in pairs. Single birds can be raised, but the sociable birds deserve a companion in the case of a busy or heavily working owner. Lovebirds like to chirp and be curious, and explore their limited dominion.  Lovebird tricks included head bobbing, neck shaking, turning around on a perch, shaking hands, waving, or cheeping or dancing in rhythm to music.

Ringnecks – These elegant and beautiful birds can make good pets for pet owners who are willing to provide ongoing obedience training. If not given sufficient attention, the Indian Ring Neck may become unfriendly and disobedient. In order to maintain their friendly personalities and tameness, regular handling and socialization are a must for these birds.

If you don’t see a bird which you are after in the above list, feel free to contact me I may have it anyway. My name is Andrea, and I have been breeding birds for many years in Sosua. Contact me to have a look at my collection of birds.

Tel: 809-462-8140

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