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Gastronomical Festival Sosua: a Flop or a Success?

Last year’s event had the true spirit about it, as it opened the door for owners of both Dominican and Expat run restaurants to prove and promote what they were capable of. Wherever you walked on the closed off street or up in the park area, you would find plenty of vendors selling interesting foods and drinks. Last year’s event really pulled in a lot of tourists and expat visitors, as well as Dominicans. The ample vendors simultaneously became the best promoters of the event getting their friends, families, work colleagues, associations and various club members attending. The municipality needed the popularity at that stage and made the entry for restaurants free, which meant that restaurant owners only had to risk expenses like wages, extra stock and items, brochures and transportation.

This year the Town Hall got greedy and wanted RD8000 per stand from each vendor (before other expenses) and only 13 out of 150 Sosua restaurants ended up partisipating. Worse than this, it was only a “handpicked” group of restaurant owners, whom were offered the opportunity to actually participate with a stand. Many restaurant owners are disgusted that they were not even offered the chance to partake, and some were not even aware it was happening as they had been too busy in their restaurants trying to survive in this currently dead economy. This year it would be fair to say that the organizers also abused words like “Multicultural” as the event seemed focused only on pleasing Dominicans with nearly all performing acts being Dominican. Why was there no live Rock, blues or other forreign live music?

Everything about this event proves to be very political and yet again displays a pompous attempt to make the town hall look good, promoting Sosua like a booming multi cultural place for their up-coming promotion video’s and marketing materials. Last year was truly multi cultural, this year the very opposite!
Did you spot some tourists? Frankly speaking, nearly the only gringo’s seen there, were some of the “long-term expats”, characters that in some way or through a spouse or employee are buddy-buddy with someone in the municipality, and a few others turned up because they knew it was happening hoping to experience what happened during last year’s success. “If it ain’t broke, don’t tamper with it!”
We all know that both Sosua and Cabarete is suffering big time because of a list of stupid actions caused by not only the world crises, but also because of the corrupt DR Government, Immigration, Politicians, big business and by the local municipality with their uniformed harassers! In the past 10 years, the economy here has been on a continuous downslide, where robbing foreigners and middle to lower class has been the survival for these culprits. So more than ever we need the Municipality to realize the value in creating truly “Multi cultural events”, to try attracting more tourists and expats – don’t worry Dominicans, you are already in control and love to attend parties and there will never be a problem getting you guys attending. Just don’t “cut your nose off to spite your face!” by scaring away the Gringo’s, as none of us like when you show off how important you or your customs are in comparison with ours “the visitors”. Remember that no matter where we look, we are constantly reminded about your culture, so if you wish to attract foreigners, then shift the focus at least 50% to what we can bring to events like this!

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