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Empty Beaches – Has the Mayor and Politicians killed off the last bit of tourism?

It’s hard to believe, that at 2Pm on a sunny Saturday afternoon, the waterfront beach is completely empty. This is one of the most pictures spots on the North Coast. You know that when a Caribbean beach like this is empty, that something is seriously wrong with the way Tourism is handled especially for the Noth Coast. Just about the only tourist that kept Sosua alive before the new Mayor came in, was the guys from overseas coming here for the chica’s. Their cash influx in the economy helped hotels, moto concho drivers, restaurants, hairdressers and many other traders, however since the new Mayor has set out to eliminate the sex industry in the area in the already suffering economy, she obviously didn’t calculate on how long it will take to convert Sosua to a Family destination (if she ever succeeds at this!). “She flushed the baby out with the bath water!” Now Sosua has hardly any guys coming in, or any family’s – which just proves how dangerous it is to let politicians mess with the economy!

What’s been seen since the new Mayor came into power, is nothing less that bullying, harrasment, theft, beatings and blackmail by her police staff on poor locals, moto concho drivers, girls arriving to Sosua on their way to the bars and on local business owners - all so she can prove that “I’m cleaning up the town”. She hasn’t got the comprehention to understand that the girls won’t switch from their trade to become cleaning lady’s or hairdressers etc… “You can’t push a piece of string!”. Like quitting smoking, people need a substitute. If the Mayor had set up a “Zona Erotica” (an area where the lady’s and guys could flock to), then this would have helped give this much needed substitute instead of just axing the economy.

Rumours go – that there are supposively some heavy investors who’s promised the Mayor that they will buy up major Sosua resorts (and convert them into Family hotels) once they are convinced that the town has been cleaned up – but how many have to suffer losing their business or their ability to afford staying in the country, while the politicians play God with people’s lives?

Then there’s the corruption with other politicians who are pushing tourism to Punta Cana, and they tax the flights ridiculously to Puerto Plata.

“A government is the most dangerous threat to man’s rights: it holds a legal monopoly on the use of physical force against legally disarmed victims.” – Ayn Rand.

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