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Dominican women still lag behind in gender equality

Santo Domingo.- International Women’s Day tomorrow finds the Dominican woman in disadvantageous socio-economic conditions and in environs where little efforts are made to spur change, according to an Intec University Gender Training Center  report slated for publication today and which compiles data from local and international studies.

Quoting the study, news source, found twice as many women as unemployed men, 21.5% to 10.1%, and even worse among the youngest group, with nearly 40% out of work.

Of those with jobs, 51% do so in informal conditions, which implies “a major level of vulnerability, labor insecurity and lack social and labor protection,” the report says, citing Central Bank and Labor Ministry data.


For the same work, Dominican women earn 79% or what a man would make, according to the Economy Ministry’s Dominican Republic Social Indicator System (SISDOM) 2010 , and have to study an average of two years longer than men to enter the labor market.

Women’s high presence in the university classrooms, or 62% of the enrollees, hasn’t led to their massive access neither in business nor Government hierarchies and hasn’t led them to future careers more identified as “masculine.” such as the sciences and engineering, the Intec study said.

In basic sciences, they are barely 32% and a paltry 6% in electromechanical engineering.

Little support

In 2011 the Ministry of the Woman received less than 1.17% of the national budget and in1% 2010. In Congress there are four women of 32 senators (12.5%) and 38 deputies of 183 (20.8%), far from the 33% established by law. In the government, only one of each five senior posts is held by a woman, among them only the three ministers, all in “traditionally feminine” areas.

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