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Dominican Residency: Has the DR Immigration department lost your records?

According to experienced Sosua – Cabarete residents in the past week the immigration department in Santo Domingo has taken “gold medal” for stupidity and messing residents around, when they travelled to Santo Domingo with overnight stay to renew their cedula’s and residencies. One resident, who travelled to the capital to renew his provisional residency to the permanent card, was told that now he has to renew the provisional for another 2 years before he can get so called “permanent residency”. He’s now decided to sell up and leave the country as this was not the “promised deal”.

A Sosua family also went to the capital to renew their permanent residencies. Once they reached the counter at the Immigration they were told to pay first. The family said “Hang on” and asked what else was required (prior to paying), and they were handed a form outlining over 9 different documents/steps to be fulfilled, which since a week ago had been implemented by the President in order to renew even a permanent residency. The family was of course “peeved off”, as they had spent the past 4 years paying a lot of money and hassle towards travelling, accommodation, taxis, lawyers and fee’s to gain their “permanent residency”. Prior to this trip they also heard from another Cabarete resident that Immigration seems to have lost potentially thousands of foreign residents information from their computer, so instead of immigration admitting this screw-up, they instead now try to save face by pushing even permanent residents to supply a long list of details like birth certificates, police clearance, new medical tests and more!

The family had been previously informed by their lawyer, that once you go to renew your “permanent residency”, then it will be just a matter of bringing along their cedula’s, passports and residency cards and money, but now they have obviously decided to complicate things again and push the responsibility, time wastage and expenses back on us the residents to re-supply what they need in order to renew us!

Obviously the governments greed for the “quick rip-off residency money” is more attractive to them than the billions of dollars and thousands of jobs that would come from looking after the foreigners and making them feel welcome.

Whether these crazy changes are motivated by the country’s urge for money, criminal cleansing or because of lost records, then one thing is for sure that is that “NOTHING IS FOR SURE!”

Police in Sosua and Cabarete has just sent several bus loads of Haitians back to their country, whom by force were taken by police out of construction sites, off motorbikes (which the police steals) and from bars straight to jail cells and then pushed onto busses with neither their children nor their toothbrush!

Immigration has already threatened to start deporting foreigners who don’t have their valid residencies and cedula’s, So let’s see if they are willing to find the “last nails for their coffin” to help kill the growth of especially the north coast. The President hasn’t seemed to click on to how to attract foreigners yet, whether they are tourists, new residents or investors. All foreigners want is easy process to fly in, get residency, attractive airfares and ethical treatment in the process of doing business or buying real estate.

Advice: Even if it’s your permanent residency which needs renewing, then seek legal advice first. Also be aware that with the current RD5000 per person amnesty of late cedula renewals, you still can’t renew your cedula until your residency is valid (with at least 45 days validity on it).

The alternative? Live illegally or leave the country – Good Luck fellow gringos!

*Governments best skills are: 1) lying 2) cheating 3) stealing 4) letting us down!*

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