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Private Schools of the North Coast, Dominican Republic

Public Schools

The primary language of instruction in public schools in the Dominican Republic is Spanish. There are generally not enough teachers, facilities or funding to meet the demands of the unusually large Dominican school-age population. Many private and religious schools supplement the state-financed schools. Children aged 7 to 14 years are required to attend, and almost every large community has elementary and secondary schools. Public schools are free to attend, however, a child need uniform and books to buy.

Instruction in foreign languages is available in Dominican schools for children of all ages. Curriculum is available in Spanish and other languages. Some schools will offer education in one language whilst others may be bilingual. While there are students enrolled from all over the world, the majority is Dominican. This means that much of the school’s informal social life will take place in Spanish, regardless of the educational facility’s policies.

Private Schools

Private schools in the Dominican Republic normally have the medium of instruction in English and usually take children from many nationalities. Students must meet a certain level of English fluency for entrance. The school year is normally divided into two semesters which begin in mid-late August and finish early-mid June.

Tuition fees for students vary from school to school, the maximum being US$8,000 per academic year. As a general rule the older the child, the higher the fees. There may be additional charges for school lunches, uniforms and schoolbooks and materials.

Validity of Qualification after leaving Dominican School

Schools which are accredited by the Dominican Ministry of Education offer certificates which are valid for entrance to Dominican, European and US universities. However, students planning to undertake higher education in the US may wish to attend a school which has been accredited by the US Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Those interested in studying in Europe, should consider a school where the International Baccaulaureate curriculum is used.

Education in English is available in Santo Domingo as well as in La Romana, Santiago, Punta Cana and Puerto Plata.

List of private schools in the North Coast (Sosua – Cabarete – Puerto Plata)


Santa Rosa
Offers Pre-K through Grade 12, located downtown, close to the Malecon.
Oldest, and respected school, religious (Catholic) influences.
Spanish speaking, many foreigners attend this school nonetheless.
Costs about RD$2,000 per month, excl. books, uniforms, meals and registration fee.

Colegio Adventista
Offers Pre-K through Grade 12, located downtown.
Spanish speaking, with about 10% foreigners.
English and French lessons.
Good reputation.
Costs about RD$1,200 per month, excl. books, uniforms, meals and registration fees.

Colegio San José
Most respected school in the city, Pre-K through Grade 12.
Spanish speaking only, with English and French lessons
A lot of practical work, outdoor education combined with classroom education.
Costs approx. RD$2,500 per month. Excl. meals, uniforms, books and registration fees. Non-religious.

Alic New World School
Grades Pre-K through Grade 12.
Bilingual school, not all teachers are educated, certified teachers though (usually the foreigners are not, and the local teachers are )
French lessons offered.
Costs around RD$2,500 per month, excl. books, uniforms, meals and registration fees.

Colegio Carlos Maria Hernandez
Offers Pre-K through Grade 12, small children in a separate building.
Located on Avenida 27 de Febrero, close to Tropical supermarket.
Spanish Speaking. Several foreigners attending this school.
Non-religious. Good reputation.
Costs around RD$1,500 per month, excl. books, uniforms, meals and registration fees.

Torre Alta Montessori School
Pre-school located in Torre Alta area of Puerto Plata.
Half days, bilingual. Good reputation.
Costs around RD$5,000 per month excl. meals, diapers, etc.

Small school, close to supermercado Jose Luis.
Only half day, religious (Evangelical) and Spanish speaking.
Quite a lot of foreigners put their children here, if they live close by, to allow them to learn the language and integrate into the local social life.
Costs around RD$400 per month, excl. books, uniforms (shirts only here) and registration fees.

Colegio Isabel
Located close to the fire station.
For children with learning difficulties.
Spanish speaking.
Good reputation.

Pre-school Hermanas Pierret
Located by Parque Luperon downtown.
Solid school with good reputation.
Spanish speaking.

John’s English School
Afternoon/evening English language school.
Located close to the cemetery.
Foreigners and Dominican children, grade 1-9.
Many foreigners have this as a supplement, to keep their children’s English alive and correct.

Colegio Mary Lithgow
Large school on Calle Kennedy downtown.
Offers pre-K through grade 12.
Spanish speaking.
English lessons.
Good reputation, and a few foreigners attending.
Religious influences (Evangelical).
Costs around RD$2,000 per month excl. books, uniforms, meals and registration fees.

Escuela De Educación Especial
Located by Parque Luperon, in the Victorian building where Arthur Roderick (the architect who designed Central Park and most of Puerto Plata’s Victorian buildings). School for children with special needs. Good reputation.


ISLA Academy

ISLA Academy offers a high-quality, rigorous and personalized curriculum taught primarily in English.  The ISLA Academy team is comprised of internationally certified, experienced teachers from eight different countries. A unique offering to the private, international schools of the Dominican Republic, ISLA Academy is the only institution that offers an exclusively inquiry-based method of learning.  Inquiry-based learning ensures that students are prepared for a global society and encourages them to be active participants in their own education.

Tel: 809-571-4633
Playa Laguna, Sosua, Dominican Republic

The International School of Sosua (ISS)
ISS is accredited by SACS, located in Sosua (La Mulata), and serves the communities of Sosua, Cabarete, and Puerto Plata. It has Grades Pre-K through Grade 12 and offers diploma programs from both the US and Dominican Republic. Courses are taught in English and teachers are certified in their field. The school has upgraded sophisticated facilities: soccer field, basketball ground, musical class with the equipment, rich library, karate class, drama class and more…
Fees: from US$600 per month (including books). The older the child the higher the fee.

The Garden Kids School
Children aged 5–11 years (Pre-K to Grade 12).
Languages: Bilingual, primarily English
Teachers: only certified
Fees: US$400 per month, plus uniform, inscription fee, books etc.

Colegio Children’s World
Founded in 2008
Languages: Bilingual, primarily Spanish
Level: Pre-K – Grade 12
Teachers: mostly certified
Fees: US$300 per month, plus uniform, inscription fee, books etc.
Located: behind German butchery store “Bavaria”

Nueva Vida Escuela
Religious school
Languages: mostly Spanish
Level: Pre-K – Grade 12
Fees: US$80 per month, plus uniform, books, inscription fee

Colegio Luis Hess
This is the oldest school in Sosua, founded by Jews in 1941.
Located: Pedro Clisante
Languages: Spanish
Fees: from RD3000 per month, plus uniform, books, inscription fee


3 Mariposas Montessori
The school was founded to support poor families in the area
Languages: English, Spanish and Creole
Teachers: some certified from USA and other countries, volunteers
Children from 0 – 6 years old

Colegio El Coral
Located in the side street down from Plaza Ocean Dream
Languages: Spanish
Fees: RD900 per month, plus uniform, books, inscription fee
Children: Kindergarten – Grade 8, primarily Dominican kids

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