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Dominican Republic’s south coast has “highly dangerous” seismic activity

Due to highly dangerous seismic activities Dominican Watchdog has started a cronologic watchlist for earthquakes in and around the Dominican Republic.

While earthquakes keep shaking the Japan area, other areas have rocked as well.

A 5.4-magnitude earthquake struck off the Dominican Republic  just after 9:30 a.m. local time. The quake was 0.4 miles below the  surface.

USGS first had it at a 5.0-magnitude quake, however Santo Domingo State University measured it at 5.3-magnitude.

This quake comes with a scare due to the fact the experts at  Columbia University are warning this area to be hit with a 7.0-magnitude  earthquake in the near future.

Wednesday morning’s earthquake was later upgraded to a 5.4-magnitude.

According to DominicanToday then the slight quake panicked mostly those who live or work in the taller  buildings in Santo Domingo, but didn’t lead to evacuation in the  Acropolis Center, whose 22 stories makes it one of the city’s highest. – An oceanographic study supported by the Spanish Government revealed that an active deformation has developed along Dominican  Republic’s south coast which degenerates into highly dangerous seismic  upheavals and may even set off a tsunami.

Researchers of the Caribenorte project found that the so called  “Megasplay de los Muertos,” located in the middle part of the slope  the  Deformed Muertos Trough, is similar to another in Nankai, Japan, which  has spurred magnitude 8 earthquakes.

According to the oceanographers, “the Megasplay de los Muertos most  probably caused the magnitude 8 earthquake in 1751 and the magnitude 6.7  in 1984,” the first of which caused destruction in southern Dominican  Republic.

The scientific finding means that the country is vulnerable to the  geological faults that cross it and because experts have stated that the  northern zone as sensible and prone to quakes.

The US geophysicist Eric Calais said if he had to bet, the first  earthquake would occur in the north part of the Dominican Republic and  not in Haiti, in reference to the devastating tremor of January 12. “The  research has shown that is a zone with active deformation, seismic  danger and in certain way of tsunami… The one which poses a greater  danger is the one that has been defined as the Megasplay de los  Muertos,” says an extract of the study quoted by news source

“The data available indicate that the Megasplay cuts the ocean floor  and has produced large submerged movements, which implies that it is  active,” the researchers said, adding that it is identifiable along 260  kilometers and is adjacent to another of lesser intensity located near  San Pedro, and in their view both merit ongoing study.

According to the report, “Megasplays” or “Large, Out of Sequence  Fault Plains,” have been described as highly dangerous seismic  structures for tsunamis in places like Alaska, Colombia and Nankai.

Source: DominicanWatchDog

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