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Doing business in the Dominican Republic, or NOT!

Corruption remains pervasive in the Dominican Republic, with irregularities, bribery and other corrupt practices a particular risk when dealing with public administration agencies and officials. The current administration is perceived to be permissive of (if not complicit in) this environment. Companies are exposed to high levels of corruption, both through their local supply chains and as they engage in governmental contracts. As a result, foreign investors face legal, reputational and financial risks if allegations of corruption emerge in relation to their dealings with officials or local partners and suppliers.

Rule of law is not effectively enforced and poses serious risks to foreign companies and investors operating in the country. The main hindrances emerge from the ample power of the executive branch, widespread corruption in the public sector, and the politicisation of justice. Foreign companies face significant uncertainty when dealing with the judiciary. They could potentially be at risk of unfair proceedings in the judicial process, as irregularities and undue influence from other branches of government take place, often with impunity. In addition, weak rule of law prevents companies from relying on the enforcement of contracts and on the enforcement of dispute settlement.

Source: DominicanWatchDog

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