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CNN, Greatest corruption scandal in the Dominican Republic is happening right now.

When a President rob his own country where is the world power to protect its citizens?

After a  mandate characterized by rampant estate spending, politicians getting  lavish houses and cars, pensions of about USD$12,500 a month for top  party officials for four years of work while still having a thousand of  dollars government job in another position (Minimum wage is a little  over $200), crazy salary hikes, blatant clientelism and tax evasion,  millions and millions in government money to fund the official party’s  presidential campaign, and many other things, the party ends and the  people have to pay the bill.
The congress has approved a  fiscal reform that basically screws the people, raising taxes in  general and taxing basic food items, as well as small internet purchases  that were one of the few ways to circumvent the abusive local retailers  (You’d have to pay double the online price + shipping for basically  anything), and this also goes against the DR-CAFTA agreement.

This  problem isn’t solved by taxing, it’s solved by making those responsible  pay. Not a single politician has been put in jail or even tried, even  those for whom there is incontrovertible evidence of ghastly instances  of fraud and corruption. Today the reform was approved by a government  controlled Congress in just 19 minutes with no room for debates.  Dissenting congressmen were silenced and not given the opportunity to  speak. A student was killed during riots in the state university and  it’s believed to be the first of several deaths in the near future.

All  because a central figure named Leonel Fernandez, until 84 days ago the  President of 12 years, personally controls all of the State Powers:  Government, Congress and Supreme Court. He also controls most of the  media, so even the fourth state is under his power. It’s ironic since  countries like Canada gave him an award as Statesman of the Year and  named him “the Oracle of Santo Domingo” all because he let a  canadian-based gold mining corporation named Barrick started raping the  land and destroying the environment of the island. The people have had  enough and we need your help. Let us help make some noise so the eyes of  the world get turned on our small country.

Source: CNN

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