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Cabarete Mayor massacres Tree’s between Sosua and Cabarete!


A bit of trimming to ensure trucks don’t hit branches? Heck no – this is road side tree massacre!!

The Cabarete Mayor hired a bunch of workers with axes, and chainsaws to trim back the road side branches, but instead they cut down any tree that wasn’t too big to tackle. Since all that was needed was some thoughtful trimming, then the question is – who was barbarian enough to let this happen?

The road-stretch between Perla Marina and Coconut Palms could have remained nice, but these jerks obviously don’t care about that! If a resident chooses to cut down just one tree of this type and someone dobs him in to local authorities, then they will lock him up, yet Mayor’s gets away with anything – hypocrites!

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Last updated January 21, 2018 at 12:31 AM
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