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BEWARE of new scamsters operating on the highway Sosua – Puerto Plata

This piece of information has been sent to us by one of local expats to help warn us all…

There are 2 Dominicans in a small white jeep in the area between the Gran Parada and Playa Dorada, that tell you your wheel is about to fall off.  They pull you over and reach underneath you vehicle and show you the broken part and for a few pesos offer to fix it.  That is just the beginning and when done they will promise to change parts.  When done you find you vehicle will no longer start and the scam goes on. Do not stop if they flag you down.  I stopped and paid the price.
Be Careful!!


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  1. Samson

    Yep, I got stopped recently and indeed stopped. They pointed at my offside wheel. So I stopped and checked it They came up and then said that it was the other wheel. That made me suspicious but I checked it anyway and couldn’t find anything wrong. Let’s face it, if there is something wrong with front Wheels, You will notice it when driving. I drove off.
    They were driving a silver honda similar to mine.
    A sign that things are getting desperate. Expect that there will be more scams, probably police. I discovered that they run the aggressive window cleaning scams in Puerto Plata. Next time you are there, look around for the cop! If you get your car scratched, he will testify against you.

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