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Beware! New way to cheat foreigners…

Posted by one of our readers:

Hi, just had this happen, and I think it is worth to tell everyone.
Staying on a traffic light in Puerto Plata, someone next to me told me I am loosing some liquid. I went out of the car and did see some power steering fluid on the street, and some drops under my car. The guy told me he is mechanic, and I could follow him to his shop. Of course I did not follow him, instead I went to my mechanic to see what is wrong with the car. We found out that there is nothing at all wrong, looks like the guy sprayed some liquid on my wheel, and tried me to get him fixing my car FOR NOTHING.

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  1. Jepols

    This is a way they use to drive away with your car and leave you standing in the street. If ever you step out on such an occasion, ALWAYS switch of the car and put your keys in your pocket, but still better, stay in your car and drive away. COUNT YOURSELF LUCKY, YOU STILL HAVE YOUR CAR !

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