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A flaw in the Dominican legal system

GUILTY TILL PROVEN INNOCENT! When living here (and especially if doing business here) then beware that anyone can go to a lawyer and sue you for any obscene amount of money and I.e. Bring you to criminal court for things you haven’t done, or other false accusations! The local court alguacil never screen any documents a lawyer requests to have served on you (to check if the case is worthy for documents to be served, or to check if the case is only worthy of a fiscal meeting). No instead they happily take money for their services of serving people, after which they often use underhanded methods of serving you. Methods can be having a “pretend car breakdown” right in front of your property, after which they yell out for someone’s attention at the property, then throwing the documents under the fence and taking off in their car before anyone can find out who they were. Once this process starts, then you will find yourself spending money on lawyers, translators, petrol, phone calls, finding witnesses, time invested preparing defence strategies, lawyer meeting, stress, sleepless nights etc…

Solution: Live here at very high risk, win back your freedom + counter sue for millions, or get the heck out of the country!

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  1. favr12

    yes you should all get the hell out of here if you can’t stand this 3er world country. Don’t you think?

  2. swooperman

    There are many good and decent Dominican People and it is not fair to paint them all with the same brush. (favr12) I am guessing that you might be one of them. Do you really wish all of the Gringos and ex pats would leave the country or is it just the ones that complain? Increased Tourism is the best hope for the North Coast economy. Everyone invested here whether Dominican or not we need to work together to improve relations. I would like to invite you to support us, work with us, help us with your perspective . . . and even scold us when you think it is required. Let’s all work together to make things better.

  3. swooperman

    You must have something to say besides “get the hell out of here if you don’t like it.” You have to admit that there is room for improvement in the Dominican Republic as there is in every country. On every level: Education, Policing, Government Services, Criminal Justice, Charity, the goal of government should be to create a “fair society”
    It may never be achieved but it should never the less be the goal of government. We need you to be part of the conversation because you obviously have strong views. We need your input! So please say something more.

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