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64 year old man stabbed during Robbery near Sosua

One week ago a 64 year old Canadian man was attacked during a robbery in his Lomas Mironas villa. Three young Haitian men, approached from the large field backing onto the victim’s home, climbed a wall that led them straight onto his roof. They managed to get a bathroom window open and entered the upstairs. The victim woke up noticing a man next to his bed looking through his stuff. He admits he should have reached for his knife 1′st but instead yelled out at the men, and that’s when they jumped on him and tried to keep him from yelling out for his “live-in” gardener who was at the front of the property with his two dogs, who was totally unaware of the situation. Two of the three men tried to strangle the victim with his pillow, but the victim put up a good fight and this is when they started stabbing him (eight stabs to the legs). The men then decided it was time to take off, and the bleeding victim then manage to stagger to the door and yell out for help. He was lucky that the attackers didn’t stab him in a major artery, and two days later he was released from hospital with a new shot at life, a RD45000 hospital bill, a missing laptop and two missing cell phones. He has now flown back to Canada, and it’s uncertain if he will bother returning. He does admit that had he had a small noisy dog inside with him, then the attack and burglary might not have happened, as getting away with it discreetly was of course a high priority to them. The Police supposedly did very little except searching his villa while he was in hospital.

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Last updated January 21, 2018 at 12:31 AM
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