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6 Main Reasons why Expats are selling up and leaving the Dominican Republic

“Everything is for sale!”
Reasons for leaving:

1) To renew either their temporary or permanent residency’s, has become a big dirty let-down by the government, as they are now going back on their past promises of supplying Gringo’s either their up-coming “permanent residency” or to renew actual permanent residency’s without too much hassle or lawyers involvement. Gringo’s are now asked to re-supply all their documents as a “cover-up” by the Governments immigration, who’s lost thousands of foreigners records both on their PC’s and papers I.e. birth certificates, police records etc… and everyone is now being kicked back to zero, having to prove clean police record, re-do all the medicals, find witnesses of good character and supply proof of financial independence – and some would even have to travel back to their home country to receive new birth certificates (I.e. Russia, Ukraine etc…) – in other words a lot hassle, unfair expenses, frustration and life interrupting nonsense!

2) They are sick of being manipulated by the Government Owned power company, who especially with property owners, can use their monopoly position to violate customers in every nasty way possible. If you have been to pay your power bill a few times, then you would be sure to hear higly upset customers who have suddenly received some ridiculously high power bill or business owners being victims of ridiculous ongoing charges (and law suits if they don’t keep paying!). According to some locals latest frustrations, the power company is now getting really sophisticated in ripping us all off, as they are now replacing our existing “meters” with some new ones that effect our power bill in such a way that customers bills are tripling. In other words, brace yourself for their new sophisticated rip-off scheme! (They probably hired some scumbag who knows how to make the meters run faster based on the same electricity consumption – rat bags!).

3) Especially Expats who work or run businesses here on the North Coast, have over the past few years noticed how the Government, local Mayors and their armed forces, have gradually killed off business, Tourism and foreign investment. Most of the business focused expats are realizing, that if they took a couple of steps back and moved onto a country with stable rules and a healthy economy, then even with working less hours and applying the same skills, they could fairly quickly bounce back and start earning 5-10+ times as much as they currently earn in this pathetic economy. Leaving expats also miss the ability to afford relaxed time out with their kids and family, to dine out and to buy/repair stuff when needed and not when the purse allows it! Just because there is sun and beaches nearby, doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone has the ability to kick back and enjoy it all, as now that earnings are getting smaller and the cost of living is simultaneously increasing, then pampering oneself and one’s family, becomes a hard to reach luxury. They are also sick of experiencing or seeing Police extort money and their continued harassment of Girls walking between bars and the rough treatment of Haitians.

4) Leaving Expats also voice that they are sick of Dominicans, local traders and a large percentage of shifty fellow expats ripping them off. Unfortunately a lot of traders and businesses on the North Coast, seem to think that survival in business is only possible if they engage in Lying, cheating, stealing and letting people down! These culprits are found from the motorconcho driver, right through to the Government. This region especially is known globally by many as the “pit” for many national and international scumbags – what a shame!

5) Daily there’s Racism and clasism being displayed by Dominicans on foreigners, especially by the various Police forces, Fiscal offices and even the courts. Examples of this ranges from traffic Police targeting “Gringo’s” over laws that often don’t exist, or for laws that they don’t pull Dominicans over for. Others find that if they counter sue after having won their freedom from a Malicious criminal or civil legal attack, then the sentence never comes through, especially if the Gringo is up against a Dominican. Police and a list of self-proclaimed inspectors will harass Gringo business owners for large sums of money, or they will use their connections to get them shut down! Many Expats have found themselves being locked up for the most pathetic or unfair things I.e. Bringing a person they saw in a traffic accident to the hospital, only to be withheld for paying the bill and then the police arrests them till they clear up what actually happened (keep driving fellow Gringo!). The fact is, that pretty much anything you get involved with, you always have to fight to get equal treatment or the same price as your Dominican neighbor – and that sucks! “When it’s rotten from bottom to top, then it’s game over for the Gringo!”.

6) Expats who are leaving also voice that they miss the abundance of cultural initiatives, watching skilled street performers in action, whether musicians, jugglers, clowns, artists, stunts, motor-animal or sports races. Also they miss theatre, cinema’s, abundance of choices in sports and watching skilled artists in action. Also the urge is strong to return to a society where honor, productivity, long-term business mentality, sucess, love and law has a meaning to a much larger percentage of people in society. Many insist to find a new country that still offers all year round sun and clear water but this time a place that offers a lot more of the initiatives mentioned earlier in “point 6″.

“Life is short even at it’s longest!”  “Only the dreamers are awake, the rest are sleeping!”   -  Happy travels fellow Gringo’s!!

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  1. jimcb

    Ah, so that is why I feel everyone is a thief! Well, we’re here for the long haul. I guess we’ll just have to suffer.


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