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Turismo Bullying Sosua Beach Restaurant Owners

As though the Beach restaurant owners haven’t been harrassed enough lately, now Tourismo is making threats that they will use their influence to get any Sosua beach restaurant shut if they operate a BBQ grill outside their restaurant. Local store owners of course told them that these magic grills (BBQ’s) are ment to be used outside, and would choke any room up with smoke in a few seconds if used inside (not mentioning the Fire Hazards it could bring). However the illogical bureaucrats (Turismo) won’t listen to logic, and keep on bullying the Restaurant owners.

Solution to all you restaurant owners out there:  Well the Egyptians have just proven what it takes to end all this crap! “You gotta break eggs to make omelettes!” It’s time to tell them to P*%ss off - Join together and stand up to this nonsense! Another tip is – as soon as you get approached by any department or Police, take control of the conversation. You ask the questions, they answer – tell them nothing – if they demand any info or actions, tell them to contact your lawyer – hand his/her card to them and tell them to ask their questions there.

When you start justifying yourself to idiots, then it only makes 2! and tell them to go away and harrass their own family!

Clint Eastwood never put up with crap from anyone, why should you?

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Last updated January 14, 2018 at 12:43 AM
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