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The Sosua mayor continues the destruction of Tourism and Trade

BREAKING NEWS. On Saturday at 2am in the morning June 18th. Police and military raided and shut down all the Major Bars and Discos in Sosua.  All was going well, just another peaceful night in the bars and discos, then the crowd noticed a large gathering of police and military on Pedro Clisante in the Bar area. Next thing they saw was girls being arrested in masses  and loaded into trucks and hauled off to jail. For No reasoning whatsoever -  no crimes were being committed.  This was an unbelievable scene toursists and locals reports, human rights violations everywhere you looked. Those arrested receive no Food, Water or Toilet Facilities and are held overnight in a cramped filthy cells IN SUB HUMAN CONDITIONS.

In the coming weeks we expect to see more lost jobs and even further drop off in plane and hotel bookings. We will see  restaurant, salons, clothing shops and many other tourist related businesses closing, as they depend on the bars having girls, which is what the majority of the turists like. This all came at a time when North Coast tourism has literally crashed.

This bullying by armed forces on innocent civilians, started in December with the election in Sosua of a mayor who  reppetedly sabotage her areas tourism, business, locals human rights and the nightlife. Ever since the election we have seen a dramatic drop off in Sosua Beach and town tourism and a major increase in human rights violations by uniformed bullies. One gentleman interviewed was staying at one of the all inclusive resorts with his girlfriend. Yes she was arrested. He was understandably upset.

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