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The Mayor / Politur Hampers Trading Hours Of Already Struggling Beach Store Owners!

The Sosua Beach Restaurant and store owners are seriously fed up with the business suffication and harrassment caused by the local Mayor ordering Politur to restrict the hours of trading which the already struggling beach vendors can operate under. This again is just a typical example of how athorities interrupt in both human life, as well as sufficating a free economy in prospering. Their function should be to uphold peace and order – otherwise they should keep their noses out of productive folks lives!

This harrassment is also hitting any vendor who is just trying to make an honest living. Where has society come to when we let uniformed people control such little things in our life, such as letting them arrest the lady with a tray of sun glases who’s trying to feed her baby that day, or the ambitious gringo handing out panflets on some new food product available – good on him! Now be careful not to justify too quickly that Politur should be allowed to interfere in their business activities, as if you can justify this, then you have no right to complain when they in some way interfere or harrass you in business or life, when you have finished drinking on the beach and you’re back at your office or home with the same guys trying to restrict or extort you for something else! To be governed is to be controlled, and this only destroys any economy!
Solution:  All vendors must stand together and get in Politurs face when anyone is harrassed. “United you stand, apart you’ll fall!” A partissian should also be put together  and given to the Mayor letting her know that this is unacceptable! Remeber folks, “Things left to themselves only go from bad to worse!” Stand up and fight for your soverignty or don’t complain being sufficated in business!

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Last updated December 14, 2017 at 10:29 PM
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