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SHIATSU & ENERGY MASSAGE in the Sosua – Cabarete area


The Japanese shiatsu massage is a way of relaxation, but in its main theory shiatsu it is a holistic bodywork. Shiatsu massage uses acupressure techniques which is applied with hands, thumbs, elbows and knees. The acupressure technique has its roots from the acupuncture therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The difference between acupuncture and acupressure is that in the first case the practitioner uses very thin needles but in the case of acupressure the therapist uses deep tissue pressure on the twelve body meridians.

Oriental shiatsu became very popular in Japan. At least one member of a Japanese family (usually women) practiced shiatsu massage to help their family members. Because of its many benefits shiatsu massage is considered to be a healing therapy, but Shiatsu massage therapy is not healing the disease itself. Shiatsu has a direct affect on the meridians which in consequence help to unblock the meridian points where the chi is blocked and causes health problems. The oriental medicine philosophy says that the main cause of diseases is in the unbalanced chi in the body. Shiatsu massage is used to reach the harmony of chi in the human body.

Shiatsu Acupressure

Shiatsu acupressure massage uses merely the same points as acupuncture. The basic acupressure healing techniques are applied on the twelve body meridians. Along to these energy meridians are situated the acupressure points. The pressure on the points is made slowly and soft but deep and the patient may feel a little pain. The therapist uses all his body to create the pressure on the meridians. To apply shiatsu the patient has to change his positions lying on the back, on his stomach and on the two sides. This gives to the therapist the possibility to workout each energetic point of the meridians.


SHIATSU is a method to rehabilitate natural healing processes within your body and improve your health. Hand and finger pressure is used on the meridian points to unblock and balance the meridian system of the body. Also stretches and gentle rotation are used to activate energy and flexibility of muscles. This technique is practiced on a clothed body lying on the mat. Shiatsu is highly recommended to people who spend a lot of time in offices, and can help prevent disorders like stiffness, pulled muscles, back problems, headaches, arthritis, anxiety, nausea, depression etc.

ENERGY MASSAGE is a very profound full body oil Massage, working with different techniques, relaxing the muscles and enabling Energy to flow. This treatment results in deep Relaxation of your body, mind and soul through different Techniques including Reflexology.

REFLEXOLOGY stimulates the nerve endpoints of your feet. This greatly improves how well your organs and entire Immune System function. You leave feeling like you are walking on sunshine!

FACIAL HARMONY is a Natural Facelift, the treatment is predominately focused on your face, head and neck. It makes your Face look more lively & young, and your eyes look more brilliant.

WORKSHOPS & CLASSES on Body Awareness, Chakra Class, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Yoga and Meditation.

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Visits by appointments only
Home visits are also available

For more information and appointments please contact Sabine (Certified Shiatsu Practitioner G.S.D)

Perla Marina (between Sosua and cabarete)
Tel: 829.958.1617

shiatsu energy massage sosua cabarete

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