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Proper Planning Prevents Poor Peformance!

When examining typical business traits on the North Coast, some of the business behaviors amongst business people could easily be called pathetic. Many can talk a big talk, but very few here actually “get around to it”. Many of us come from societies where qualities like speed, punctuality, honor, building trust, friendly efficient service, paying on time etc… are considered normal traits of healthy business ethics. So since that is only experienced here with a small percentage of business people, then surely it must be the worst rat bags or the most incompetent of the foreigners who relocate to the north coast of the DR.

As for the majority of the Dominican business people it seems to be weaknesses like big ego’s, lack of interest in learning, corrupt business practices, poor time management, lack of responsibility, self sabotage and no integrity that is seen as a “bottle neck” for them growing bigger in business.

Since “integrity” is such a hard thing to teach grown-up’s, then let’s focus on something all of us can master “Time Management”. A proverb goes like this “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance”!

A little tip: Take half an hour every evening with a notepad and a pen (or your Blackberry) and reflect on the notes of the day just gone, and cross out what has already been done, and write up a new action plan for the coming days. Record your upcoming appointments, tasks to do, what to delegate, calls to make, emails to send, stuff to buy or bills to pay. By planning daily you avoid “Murphy’s law” kicking in, which can easily make the difference between having a productive, profitable and exciting day compared to having a day of frustration and others giving you a hard time with little results achieved.

So is it worth pushing yourself to plan every night? Well reflect on the following proverbs, which all contain a strong message from the successful people who coined them:

By the inch it’s a synch, by the yard it’s too hard!
Every 10 minutes in planning saves an hour in execution.
People don’t plan to fail, but many fail to plan.
If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.

Happy planning and success!


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