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President Leonel Fernandez is going abroad again – President Leonel Fernandez has not yet officially announced the trip  scheduled for this Thursday, but sources say he will be going abroad  again, this time for a 10-day trip to the Middle East with a stopover in  France. The trips have been criticized for their high cost, taking the  President away from crucial issues at home, and for their low yield.

On Monday, investigative journalist Alicia Ortega followed up on the  difference between the announcements of achievements of the trips and  reality.

Journalistic analysis of 25 of the 30 projects announced by President  Leonel Fernandez as the result of his frequent trips abroad found that  only four have actually been firmed up in little more than seven years.  This was the essence of last night’s program El Informe by Alicia  Ortega, according to Hoy newspaper.

The journalist reported that the President has travelled numerous  times, mostly to invite people to invest in the Dominican Republic, but  the results “are not very visible.” The report says that the President  averages about ten trips a year and the costs associated with his  entourage, hotels, airplane fares and per diems are in the millions of  dollars.

The projects that have been announced range from cement factories and  pre-stressed concrete to the production of ethanol, bio-diesel, solar  energy and the installation of a new oil refinery. There was also talk  about investing in buses that run on ethanol, the construction of the  second Metro line, and a railroad, as well as the opening of flights to  Libya and Sao Paulo, as well as the production of ‘telenovelas” and  films for export and the installation of factories to provide natural  gas for other countries.

According to Ortega, the supposed investment in a cement factory that  was to be made by the Martin Ozinga Bros. Company, has not taken place.  She cited the Dominican Association of Cement Producers who told her  that they had never heard of the Ozinga Brothers’ company. [The cement  factory would have been located in La Isabela, Puerto Plata, and was  protested by environmentalists.]

Long story short, most of what was promised never came to fruition and  cost the nation millions of dollars. Only the PetroCaribe Agreement, a  donation of RD$50 million from Taiwan for the Cybernetic Park, the  establishment of flights to and from the United Kingdom and the startup  of the modernization of the local television have actually happened.

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