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Tougher economic times test who’s got what it takes to succeed

As businesses on the North Coast are being tested for their stickability during financially tough times, many have to either fund their business with savings or loans and others are shutting shop, while others are adjusting their approach, lifting their standards and quality and pushing through the challenges while increasing profits.
So what makes some succeed?

Clue 1: Stay flexible!

A proverb goes like this “Tree’s survive in nature as they are flexible!” – To be flexible means to listen to what the market place is telling you. You see most people are not trying to criticize your product, services or staff just for the sake of being cruel, no instead they are in most cases just wanting to get fair value for their money and many actually want to help. When we ignore this valuable feedback, then we are feeding our ego rather than our pocket! If a dissatisfied client is not dealt with instantly, then they will continue to spread negative comments to others, and as these “others” often believe what they hear, then this just keeps rippling. In conclusion to this point, successful people remember that “feedback is the breakfast, lunch and dinner of champions!” and they daily us such feedback to adjust their business or who is kept on as staff to help grow their business.

Clue 2: Be a builder!

Another trait of successful people in business is that they are always busy setting goals and building their business. In other words they are NOT in a comfort zone just trying to “survive”. Be an entrepreneur, keep your ears, eyes and mind open to how you can better your business, service, and quality, and follow through on ideas you or staff get. Not every idea is worth implementing, but at least discuss it with staff or managers to analyze if it could work, and just remember that “The future belongs to the risk takers!”. If some part of your business is not working and you’re fully aware of it, then why not fix it! (Your customers will be happier, as well as your staff, suppliers and yourself).
Some may say, but I don’t have a desire to have a big business, well then at least have a small, profitable well oiled business which delivers great quality service!

Clue 3: Communicate effectively!

Humans are assumptive creatures, so to ensure you don’t loose good suppliers, customers or staff, then make sure you handle your communication effectively with them. Answer every phone call or message! If you’re in a meeting and have forgotten to switch your phone off, then at least have the courtesy to answer I.e. “Hi Julie, I’m in a meeting can you call me back in an hour from now?” – This way “Julie” won’t be annoyed with you and you retain the respect for her to help build your business rather than her criticizing and sabotaging your business.

Too many business people underestimate the value of being “contactable” and lose thousands or millions in turnover just so they can feed their ego doing only considering themselves important! People are not stupid, they soon realize if you’re avoiding them. Smart people realize that each person handled with extreme importance, always pays of in the long run either through their warm recommendations, their business or in some other helpful way. “You can always tell the character of a person by how they treat those who can do nothing for them or to them!”

Another important communication skill is to handle any kind of conflict “Face to Face”. Once you notice or hear that there is some kind of negative vibe or feedback coming your way, then treat it with the same urgency as you would if a fire had broken out in your family home.
Most conflicts arise due to assumptions and misunderstandings, so try to prevent them from happening or nip them in the but quickly if they do happen! Here’s a helpful proverb to remember “Be nice to people when you’re on your way up, as you might just need their help during tough times!” Last point is – don’t try to resolve conflicts in writing, as assumptions often make things worse.

When face to face, then always be sure to pull people aside to resolve issues, as we all have fragile ego’s and respect when we’re not being challenged in front of others. Try to treat everyone with respect and take the sting out of any criticism I.e. “I like you as a friend and as a person, however I don’t like your recent attitude in the office yelling at others… – may I ask why is this happening George?”
Whether it’s a supplier, a staff member, a customer or a sales person, then always treat them with respect, as you are no more human than they are, and the benefits of sowing kind seeds always pays off, and you’ll even feel better about yourself and have a nicer day!

More clues coming soon – Happy selling and Be Nice!

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