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Most Dominicans and Expats have no empathy for dogs killed on roads – pulling the corps aside would obviously take too much effort!

The roads in the Dominican Republic are dangerous enough for humans, and if we get into an accident at least someone will throw us in a vehicle or in the back of a pick-up and take us to the hospital (against money), however in the DR dogs and other animals seem to be looked at in the same way as if someone run over a rat in Europe – in other words, with no care or empathy after which
the corpse of “fluffy” will be grinded to a bloody pancake on the asphalt.

But maybe if dogs carried money then more would stop and smile or even pull the pooch out to the roadside!

So where does this cold hearted attitude stem from?

If children during their upbringing are not taught the difference between right and wrong and if there is no consequence enforced by adults for i.e. treating an animal with cruelty, then when they grow up he/she will still not possess the ability to have empathy or respect for animals or their wellbeing. Overseas the thought “let’s contact the owner – they must be worried sick about their missing pooch” kicks in almost immediately, as those who have animals normally cherish them like they were another family member, however here no-one
seems to care about that fact. Again lack of education, lack of humane values and leaders setting the example!

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