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Lethal shootout between burglars and Police in La Mulata Sosua

Thursday afternoon (10′th, Nov, 2011), a La Mulata resident called Police when she noticed burglars attempting to break into a neighbors place in Villas Karibik. When Police arrived a shoot-out took place and both young Santiago men were shot dead. A terrible sight for by-passers and school children, however most residents in the area feel safer now that there are 2 less armed scumbags coming around looting and traumatizing everyone, as several properties in the area have been subject to burglary’s lately.

Whatever opinion is held about the way the police handled this situation, This should send a strong signal to the criminals that are steeling laptops, cash, jewelry etc… can easily cost them their lives!

The trigger happy Police here in the DR, are not trained to give any warnings to “drop your arms or we will shoot!”, and with their big ego’s they probably itch to offload some led from their rifles!  So be aware of this if you ever want to get cocky with them holding a weapon in their presence!

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