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Lawsuits & Legal Services in the Dominican Republic

A lawsuit in the Dominican Republic is a long and expensive process. Most lawsuits run for years and court decisions are in general not in the favor of the foreign investor. The Dominican court system is highly corrupted and verdicts often manipulated or delayed by one of the parties.

We strongly recommend that you do not start a lawsuit unless it’s the last and final option. Lawyers in the Dominican Republic are substantially overcharging foreigners with as much as 500-800% and they do not have a malpractice insurance. Paying expensive lawyer fees do not guarantee anything and choosing big law firms for small cases is not a good option as your case is pushed to a junior lawyer with little experience.

Furthermore it’s not unusual that lawyers from both sides are “operating under an unwritten mutual agreement” of complicating court cases especially among foreigners. The reason for that is that the longer the case will run, the more they will be able to charge their clients.

Even if you win a court case in the Dominican Republic it will be almost impossible and highly unlikely that you will ever be able to collect on the verdict. Debt collection in the Dominican Republic from any company or private individual will in many cases only result in more lawyer bills!

The majority of court cases involving foreigners are related to real estate fraud in the Dominican Republic.

Real estate fraud can be avoided by spending time and money on good legal work and especially deep title investigations before buying or signing any contract.

We recommend that you use trusted lawyers to avoid problems and losing your money. Contact us for a list of trusted Dominican  lawyers  with good reputation  who speaks fluent English and Spanish.

When investing in the Dominican Republic make sure that you have signed legal binding contracts – do not believe in promises and do not expect to find the same moral standard and quality of work that you will find in a developed country. Never to pay any money directly to estate agents, sellers or building companies.

Only a Notarized contract in Spanish is legal in the Dominican Republic. However it’s a good idea to spend money on a translation into your own language.

If you are planning to move to the Dominican Republic and need Dominican residence or you simply want to employ a maid. We recommend that you use the same trusted law firms as it’s important to understand the strong labor laws in the DR. Maids are entitled to a rather big settlement if fired after 6 months and that the amount increases up to several years of salary. Foreigners will lose any court case against employees!

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