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Dominican Republic takes action to stop Haitian immigrants

The Dominican Republic authorities launched  a series of measures to stop the flow of undocumented Haitian  immigrants into its capital.

The military and the migration  authorities inspected public and private transportation vehicles in four  major highways leading to Santo Domingo. The authorities said they had arrested many undocumented immigrants, but did not release specific numbers.

“The  goal of the mission is to impede the mobility of undocumented  immigrants into the capital, mainly those coming from the border,” the  army’s intelligence service said in a statement.

“It is not a new  measure, but part of continued coordinated work by our institutions …  to stop the entrance of undocumented people from the Dominican-Haitian  border,” it said.

Authorities estimate nearly 800,000 Haitians  live illegally in the Dominican Republic. Among them, most are economic  immigrants trying to flee poverty on the Haitian side of the Hispaniola  Island.

After the devastating earthquake last January in Haiti,  the Dominican Republic suspended the repatriation of undocumented  Haitians. But repatriation has been relaunched since the beginning of  this year.

Source: Xinhua

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Last updated December 14, 2017 at 10:29 PM
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